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We invest in breakthroughs in human health, advanced materials, and sustainability. Leverage your alumni network to access investments in companies changing the world. Learn more

26% IRR

30-Yr US Early Stage VC Index¹

20% IRR

30-Yr US All Stages VC Index²


Typical institutional portfolio allocation to VC³

We find the deals.

We utilize our expertise, the power of your alumni network, and technology to filter through the noise. Our investment team of PhDs, MDs, and MBAs focus on identifying promising small and medium-sized opportunities with significant growth potential. Less than 1% of evaluated opportunities are approved to be on the Alumshares platform.

We let you know.

You'll receive early investment access at the click of a button when promising investment opportunities are identified. There are no membership fees, no hassles, and no pressure to invest. Our platform is intuitively designed to think like you do and give a clear picture of investment opportunities right from your phone or desktop.

We make private investing simple.

Investing in private market opportunities has never been simpler. Our platform allows you to close your transaction and keep track of your investments on an ongoing basis simply and conveniently. We have one simple platform for everything — and that’s the point.

Why Alumshares?

More than a new asset class; a movement.

As the primary source of basic research, our universities are the linchpin in supporting and creating innovation in foundational and general-purpose technologies including AI and data science, advanced battery storage, advanced semiconductors, genomics and synthetic biology, 5G, quantum information systems, robotics, and more.

Our universities are where big ideas collide, and human capital is abundant. The proof is in the history; research advances the economy and improves lives.

In fact, there was over $591 billion contributed to US GDP in the last 20 years from academic technology transfer which has supported the creation of nearly 4 million jobs, one of the most active growth sectors of the global economy. Many technologies we use in our daily lives were developed at universities including insulin, penicillin, ultrasound, pap smears, the pacemaker, the seat belt, PET / CT scanners, the meningitis vaccine, the internet, and even Google, Gatorade, and Lyrica.

What if we as alumni could directly participate economically in these successes? With Alumshares, you can now own a piece of the great innovations you’ve already helped to support.

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