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Simplify the way researchers share inventions

Build the ideal experience for researchers to share their ideas simply, safely, and with proper attribution.

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More invention disclosures,
less hassles

Expanded faculty engagement

Our streamlined platform allows faculty to engage and share inventions with ease. It takes a village to develop successful commercial initiatives.

Measure impact of commercial activities

Unparalleled insight and centralized information, promoting faculty engagement and ease of tracking.

Generate more patents

Find out what innovations are just behind lab doors. Understand your IP pipeline with consistent check ins with your faculty researchers.

Less hassles

Increase coverage of a growing engineering department without adding a headcount with automated notifications and tracking.

Onboarding is free

No hidden costs or implementation fees.

Your faculty are your greatest competitive advantage

Give faculty a simple and easy way to share what they're working on, navigate the invention disclosure process, move down the path towards commercialization, and more — all seamlessly integrated with your existing systems. Give your team an admin experience they'll love and unlock more invention disclosures from faculty.


Get the edge.

Our 90 day guarantee Getting started is fast and easy

Fast onboarding and a growing range of integrations make IP SimpleShare an easy choice for most tech transfer offices. If you're not fully onboarded and happy with your choice within 90 days, we'll issue a full refund no questions asked.

We exist to help make the future better than it is today, and we believe deeply in the role tech transfer offices plays in bringing about positive changes in the world around us. We’re fully committed to this cause and exist to support researchers and tech transfer offices in getting more cutting edge innovations into the world.

- The IP SimpleShare Team

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