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Almost anyone can access stocks and bonds these days, but pioneering portfolios also include exposure to high growth private market opportunities before they’re public. Given their scarcity, quality private market investments have typically been reserved for billion dollar institutions and the incredibly well connected.

Through the power of the network of alumni like yourself, you can now access these opportunities at minimums never seen before.

US VC Index
30-yr annual average return²
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30-yr annual average return⁴

Investment Philosophy

Although we don’t make investment recommendations, we believe it is extremely important to share our guiding principles to make it clear what we stand for and the goals we aim to achieve.

Breakthough innovations drive economic growth

Our investment thesis revolves around early-stage companies with revolutionary ambitions, capabilities to deliver great products, and clear plans to build sustainable competitive advantages. We seek to do this before these companies are wildly popular — by then it’s too late. Through our alumni connections, we can access opportunities with high growth potential early on. This type of investing is very different than investing in large, mature, publicly traded companies who generally have the potential for less upside (and less downside too).

It pays to be patient

We are long term players and make decisions based on long term value creation, not on incremental short-term profitability. To quote Charlie Munger, “the big money is not in the buying and the selling, but in the waiting.” We focus on net cash flow realized to investors, not showing short-term markups or unprofitable growth. Companies that operate with a long-term mindset tend to outperform their peers over time so those are the ones we bet on; in turn we require a commitment to a long-term time horizon.

We are opportunistic

Great investments tend to be rare and valuable things. Many times, market conditions provide few if any opportunities so our best move is to do nothing. We believe it’s not hyperactivity but the discipline to be patient that has the potential to generate outsized returns. So don't be alarmed if you don’t hear from us periodically. This is normal, and we won't try to force action when it doesn't exist. Our approach is to focus on our best opportunities rather than spreading our focus too thinly across many.

We seek opportunities with low market correlation

Breakthroughs tend to be fundamentally less correlated to the broader market. In fact, they themselves often upend it. Matching the returns of the market is not our goal. We are absolute-return oriented, not relative-return oriented. Fortunately, startups create wealth, and creating wealth is not a zero sum game. No one has to lose for us to win. We have a collaborative and community based approach and seek to help out the communities we work within without keeping score.

Recognize the risks are real

Returns come from picking great winners. But there are many losers too along the way. Sometimes big bets will not pan out. There is no free lunch and the possibility exists for investments to go to zero. If you cannot accept assuming this risk without complaint, investing at this stage is not for you.

Investing when it matters most

Typically, your first chance to invest comes when a company goes public. However, by then a large portion of profit has already been realized. We focus on opportunities where precursors to success have been achieved but significant value creation lies ahead.

Supercharge your portfolio

For years, institutional investors have outperformed public markets by investing in alternative assets like venture capital. Now you too can give your portfolio the edge. Whether you’re a newcomer or an expert, accessing alternative assets, tracking your positions, and diversifying your investment portfolio has never been easier.

Typical Investment Portfolio

Most traditional portfolios consist of a highly correlated group of asset classes typically including publicly traded stocks, publicly traded bonds, cash, and some real estate.

Yale Endowment Model

The Yale Endowment has consistently beat the market through allocating a portion of their portfolio towards alternative assets including venture capital, private equity, and hedge funds.

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