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Expanded alumni engagement

Our streamlined platform allows alumni to engage and transact with ease. It takes a village to develop successful commercial initiatives. Leverage the power of your alumni network in ways not seen before.

Measure impact of commercial activities

Unparalleled insight and centralized information, promoting alumni support from anywhere.

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Our industry leading financial innovation creates ROI potential while enabling funds to flow where desired.

Seamless data integration

Our turnkey solution requires little to no additional resourcing.

You pay nothing

Our partner platform is available exclusively to qualifying research universities free of charge.

Your alumni are your greatest competitive advantage.

More support is coming from fewer places. Mega gifts are rising while alumni giving generally is shrinking. Young alumni demand convenience oriented experiences and socially impactful ways to invest their money. With our platform, you can not only keep more alumni engaged around groundbreaking developments, but you can also access a new source of funding for technology commercialization and entrepreneurial activities.

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Our Pledge We're in business to improve lives

We exist to help make the future better than it is today, and we believe deeply in the role universities play in bringing about positive changes in the world around us. We’re fully committed to this cause and for every dollar of profit we earn from a successful investment, we will give 10% back to the associated universities to fund future research and to support research programs at the cutting edge of sustainability, advanced materials, and human health.

- The Alumshares Team

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